Creative Director // Branding // Brand Identity
During my time in Banana Beauty, I had the opportunity to work directly with the Product Team and design all of their new products, which amounted to over 30 limited editions and new categories. This meant we had to work at a very fast pace, with sometimes two new launches per month. Here is a sample of this work.

I created the concepts for the collections, primary (bottles/containers) and secondary packaging (folding boxes) artwork, and the copy and layouts for the launch campaigns.

I also directed the product photography, including photoshoots for special editions with influencers like Sarah Harrison.

As a social-first brand, all campaigns were made for Instagram stories and adapted for 4 different countries (Poland, Germany, France, and Italy).

Primary packaging design for the care line:

My Selfie! Sef Tan Drops primary packaging design and digital campaign: 

It’s a Wrap! Christmas Limited Edition primary and secondary packaging design:

Cotton Candy Sky Limited Edition packaging design and photoshoot direction:
Pick Unique Limited Edition primary packaging design:

Sarah’s Golden Summer Limited Edition packaging design:

Life is Good Limited Edition digital campaign:

Sarah’s Glow Limited Edition primary packaging design and photoshoot concept:

Curl Me Up! packaging design and digital campaign: