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Brand Ambassadors: a customer-centric look and feel

One of the biggest challenges FORMEL Skin faced was how to represent the skin conditions they treat: skin issues are also an image issue.

The brand trust was directly connected to the real results shown in “before and afters”, a proof of how the product and process works. So stock photos or regular models were out of question.

The solution was to leverage this trust element by asking patients to be the Brand Ambassadors: as taking photos of their progress was already a natural step in the treatment – every patient uploaded new photos monthly for their doctors to evaluate before updating their treatment – the medical team would refer patients to the Community program, where they were proud to became the face of the brand.

All models in photoshoots and TV commercials were real patients with real stories. They gave their testimonials on social media and ads, increasing trust.

By showing different ages, ethnicity, and skin conditions so that a broad spectrum of skin was represented, it appealed to a larger audience and proved that the treatment worked for everyone.

This cornerstone of the brand was also scalable: as the brand expanded to Brazil, early adopters were immediately converted into Brand Ambassadors, assuring the brand represented the demographic reality of the new country and gained immediate trust right from the start.